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Default Re: Unable to install Nvidia driver

Originally Posted by APwrs
I would suggest changing "vesa" back to "nv" for the time being. Then, as suggested, try booting into single user mode, or if you're not sure how to do that, after booting your computer, when you're sitting at the login screen, press CTRL + ALT + 1. This should put you at a console.

Once there, type "telinit 3" without the quotes, and hit enter. This should put you into the 3rd run level, which nVidia actually likes compiling in more than the 1st run level (single user mode). Hopefully, that should cause X to close for you. Then, try installing your driver.

If it still complains about X already running, you can log in as root (which you should be already) and try typing "killall X" again without the quotes. That might do the trick for you.
If you've logged out of your KDE or Gnome session and still have X running, you will
generally want to do something like '/etc/init.d/kdm stop', or 'killall kdm'.
(replace kdm with xdm or gdm as appropriate : these are the programs that provide
the graphical login screen ('x display manager'), and they may respawn X every time
you kill it, depending on configuration.)

Using init.d scripts to shut down your display manager is slightly cleaner. You can
also use the init.d scripts to restore your graphical login prompt.

'/etc/init.d/xdm start' (or kdm, or gdm.)

On single-user mode.

To boot into single user mode in lilo, hit the shift key at the lilo prompt, and -
assuming you normally boot a kernel named 'linux', then type 'linux single' and
hit return.

The procedure is similar on grub. I seem to recall that grub's runtime help tells
you how to append options to a kernel boot line.

To get -out- of single user mode, just exit the shell.
This should continue the boot process, and continue to the default runlevel.
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