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Default Re: DOOM 3: ROE Expansion Pack Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Marcos
Oh, my mistake, I guess it retails for $35 (though I didn't pay that much). Still too high IMO, I thought AvP2: Primal Hunt was about an equivalent expansion and it only retailed for $20 upon it's release.

Actually, the thing I can never understand is why these expansions are priced so insanely high for the content you get compared to the original game. Think about it: in the original they have to totally make all the weapons, textures, sounds, enemies, engine, etc. from scratch, yet expansions aren't even half the length of the original and only add a small percentage of new content on top of the original game, yet retail for well over half the price. I guess they must REALLY compensate for the fact that the expansion won't sell as much as the original, so they jack up the price to even out the profit margins.
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