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Default Re: Nvidia 6800GT SLI investigation

I tested 2 games today .. both somewhat old but still being played by many people i believe .
first : Morrowind . it works in SLI in AFR mode & runs very good @1600x1200,8xSAA,16xAF(HQ) , real-time shadows at full.
i checked my outdoors performance in a single GPU first & it was something like 30fps .. that performance BTW was similar to the performance in my other PC with P4:3GHz,X800XT @6xAA,16xAF(HQ,AI standard) .
anyway when made an SLI profile & ran the game i was suprised by the increase .. its was 50+% & my avarage jumped to 45-50fps !
i'm already in the middle of Morrowind so now i'm going to continue but in SLI

second : BF:V .. surprisingly after a bad experiance with in performance in the past .. the game's framerate is now hovering around 70-100fps & with minimum of 35fps @1600x1200,4xAA,16xAF(HQ)!!
game settings are set to highest quality .
if that dosent sound tempting to some people who are already getting "good" framerate in it with other setups then let me tell you the high/min fps here is important because it helped me reduce the mouse lag even without patching the game (higher fps = less mouse lag) & will be more helpfull for those playing in servers with too many players/bots.

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