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Default Re: DOOM 3: ROE Expansion Pack Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by GlowStick

One thing that bugs me is, where did the zombie marines come from again???
Wich show how poor is the GAme STory in practice, THings exist in the game just because they exist. THe Story of a game could be even written by the most famous writer in the world , but if the game in practice doesnt care to follow it ,the its wasted work ,to write a good story for the game.

personally i dont like even the story of Doom3 , it doesnt have any credibility at all inside the science fitction world. And experiment in a lab goes wrong and suddenly the gates of "mars hell" are opened . And one of the most important scientist of the LAB is the Evil one ,that controls all the monsters and zombies from mars hell. Doom3 and wonderland goes to mars. And an the marines have very advanced weapons and technology ,but they dont know how to handle a flashlight and a pistol at the same time. THe only thing missing was the clasic nuclear explotion that usually happens whenever you kill the last Demon in the game.

I will never forget an interview with IDsoftware ,where they explained that in "outdoors" in the original game ,the marine will not use a helmet ,because "it looks cool" without it , and also told.. "it just a game". SO what? just because is a game or even a holywood movie Thats means that is not important to make people believe is real the experience.? THere are many Hollywood movies that for 2 hours you believe you were there. And games that make you feel you are indeed fighting .THats why they should dedicate better to sell engines and let other developers do the games for them. BEcause obviously Idsoftware doesnt have a clue of how to create Single player games ,that makes people feel that they are indeed THERE. not just "playing a game" . multiplayer in the other side they have create excelent games up to quake3.

ROE expasion pack seems a good game ,looking forward for it , the game/story flaws... are IDsoftware fault , There is not much others developers can already do to fix it.. i think ROE developers have no other choice to follow the same route of Doom3 in wonderland and mars at some degree.. but in the gameplay department by looking at the comments here ,they have suceeced in creating a very fun game.

Excelent game interactivity is a must do thing. to make the game fun and make people feel they were there. Hl2 physics and weapons are a perfect example of this.

Doom3 original is missing things like..

-melee weapons.. (wouldn't be nice to use any piece of metal or wood in the floor and hit those zombies and squash their heads ?

-great interactivity will all the enviroments.. ability to break or deform almost anything ,to climb to any place to hide in any place. Most boxes ,tables ,rocks or other surfaces in the original doom3 are merely decorative and no way improve the gameplay. and most in Doom3 is to run from A to B ,and shoot anything that moves.THe enviroments are there just because they are there. just for the graphics ,nothing to do with gameplay. however at least in 1-2 levels there was some kind of puzzles or elevators.

and in multiplayer..
-Why not play as a zombie? as an imp? as a hellknight? or cacodemon ? and use all your special powers againts the marines. Evil vs Good forces .

-solid multiplayer with up to 12 players at least.. that most likelly will not be playable in lower end machines ,but at least the option will be there for others with better machines.

Those things will surely made that game really awesome .BUt we will surely see features like this in others scary games . but for now ,ROE looks like a FUn game for now,even people that hated doom3 says this one is cool ,so looking forward for it.

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