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Talking Re: DOOM 3: ROE Expansion Pack Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by XP_GUN
Well I just finished the game and all I can say was that that was intence. But I finished it in 5:00 hours.
Wow, that's kinda scary because I want it to last longer than that! Well here's my take on the Expansion Pack so far . . .

I'm currently on the 2nd level and I am truely impressed. It does what an EP is supposed to do; continue with the original story and not recapping for the slackers . One thing I kinda don't like is the "story continuation". What sucks about it is that you touch an artifact you're not supposed to touch and all hell breaks loose; that's it. I thought something else would've happened but not really. But in a way, this is cool because you just put right in the game ASAP. Boom, you're there.

Another cool thing is how through the first 30 mins of the game, you are revealed to more monsters than 3 hours in the original game. The Hunters are pretty sweet and the "Floating HellKnight" was really cool. As far the weapons, the "Grabber" is pretty neat but I don't like it as much as the HL2 Grav Gun. I don't like having a timelimit on holding an item, a plasma "string" coming from the gun to the object, and having to hold the mouse button in the hold an object. Hope that made sense. I just liked the feel of the HL2 GG better.

This EP seems real promising and I think it is a blast to play. Of course, I'm a hardcore Doom fan through and through (waited almost 2 years for Doom 3 ). I'll post more comments as I go through the game.
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