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Angry nvidia is aware of bugs, but after almost 1 month it's still not fixed?

Nvidia is annoying.. They are aware of some bugs, but don't fix them very fast

Be aware of it before going for nvidia!


From: Andy Ritger
To: Lethal Weapon
Cc: linux-bugs
Subject: Re: "loosing the display with keyboard freeze"
Date: 15 Dec 2002 02:50:03 -0500

Thanks for the bug report,

Yes, we're aware of some problems with running multiple X servers,
and hope to have this resolved for a future release.

I certainly hope the next release doesn't take that long...

I apologize for the inconvenience,
- Andy Ritger

On 15 Dec 2002, Lethal Weapon wrote:

> hi,
> I use redhat linux 8 + kernel 2.4.21pre1 + nvidia drivers 4191 on a
> gef4ti4200 sparke 128MB vivo (compiled with the src.rpm)
> The problem is the following:
> i often use X on a crt screen and start a second X :1 -layout tv on tv
> output (using then mplayer to redirect output on tv)
> But now i have installed the latest drivers, under some conditions i
> haven't discovered yet, after the startup of the "tv X", i'm used to
> swap back to X with ctrl alt F7, do the mplayer command, and go back to
> the TV X with ctrl alt f8
> on that swap, it hangs very often (like 3 times on 5): the screen goes
> black (monitor doesn't go in standbye), tv isn't back initialised, and i
> loose the control of the keyboard (numlock doesn't work). ctrl alt del
> is still catched by init and reboots the computer.
> Do you want me to try to find a better trigger of this bug? I suppose
> it's the latest driver since i never had this problem with the 3123.
> And more important: will i have to wait 5 months again before a new
> driver release fixes this?
> I have to say stability improved a lot with 4xxx drivers in opengl
> games, but i've lost the X -swapping-...
> Attached: my XConfig file, use 100Hz on crt, layout -tv for tv output
> greetings,
> Ltwp
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