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Default Re: DOOM 3: ROE Expansion Pack Feedback Thread

Just had a orgasmic* CTF experince.

After finding a full server with a steady 200ms ping (best one yet)

When i first joined, I decided to be a rambo and went for the flag, everything was fine, no enemys, i grabbed the flag and took off. However two flag guards that were lurking in the dark jumped right after me. Running backwards trying to shake them to no avail, so i start poppin nades. No luck, then i ran accross the duble barrel shotty, at the next turn i stoped and crouched. As he turned i fired right into his gut. Two seconds later the gun actually fired and two more seconds after that SUCESS, totaly blew him away. Still one more to worrie about so as the gun reloaded (forever) he was havieng his way with me with his Machine gun. Then i was ready to rock, again another direct shot and he died. Now i was on the way to vicotry!

I cap the flag, get all the glory, and decided to guard the flag for a bit. So i run around get scope out the area. i find a nice spot where 3 vials of heatlh spawns, grab them. Then i found 25 armor shards right next to the flag. I picked up more shells and i was good to go. So decied to give the doom3 lighting system a workout. Near the end of the flag hallway there is a recessed spot where it is pitch black, i move there with my back to the wall to scope it out. My gun turned totaly black, so I hoped that i was invisible. After a bit of waiting someone grabs our flag, and starts to run toward me. With the shotguns horrible range, I knew i could not fire. But the question is, CAN HE SEE ME? Knowing that I only have one shot for a kill, i wait. He starts running right at me, and then turns the corner, he did not see me. To bad for him, he got two shells point blank right in his back gibbing him!

Then I noticed he droped a goodie for me, a Rocket Launcher, i greeidly pick it up, change my weapon only to find he STOCKED it for me with 5 in the chamber, and 35 in reserve.

It took them quite a while to finally kill me with all the rockets i had,

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