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Default Beamer PTAE700 and DVI


Is there anybody, who has a PTAE700 working via DVI
with Nvidia-Driver?

chipset: mx440, 6600gt -> same results

1920x1080-60i works,
1920x1080-50i does not work

1280x720-50p works after adding Option ExactModeTimingsDVI 1280x720-60p works after adding Option ExactModeTimingsDVI
but after Option ExactModeTimingsDVI
i cannot get 1920x1080-60i to work again...

1920x1080-50i, the most important resolution for me I cannot get to work

it looks like adding Option ExactModeTimingsDVI
deactivats the Interlace option in modeline.

How can i get the exact timings, the card uses?
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