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Default Re: Everquest 2 high end system verses WoW high end system..

Well, wow's World geometry and models are all low poly. It's hard to adjust those things with a slider bar. The only thing they could have done better is perhaps add more Pixel shader effects. I think WOW's flawless myself. Sure i'ts low poly, but it sure is beatiful regardless. It's definatly a "next gen" mmo. I think it looks better then anything other then EQ2. It has superb art and color use. EQ2's graphics look nice and detailed, but to me, personally I can't stand most of the art, drab and dull, monotone, just blah. That's my personal opinion though and as such, is not stated as fact.

So there's no misunderstanding, I don't play Wow or EQ2, I do still play EQ1 alot though. And I did give both games a honest shot, played Wow for about 2 mos and EQ2 around the same.

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