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Default Quadro FX 1100 problems with AGP

Dear NVIDIA Users,

I have an NVIDIA Quadro FX 1100 card and I'm getting very poor performance results with my scientific applications that use OpenGL to modelize mollecules in 3D.

Specially, when I'm using OpenGL applications, the desktop has to be re-drawed veeeery slowly every time I change from one window to another.

I'm using Red Hat Fedora Core 1.

The thing that I discovered is that if I set the option NvAGP "0" in XF86Config it performs MUCH better than if I set it to "1" (to use the nvidia agp driver) or "2" (to use the agpgart linux driver).

So that way i'm missing the AGP features because setting it to 0 means don't use AGP, right ?

Does anybody know which could be the problem ?


Best Regards,
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