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Default Problem in doing a suspend on 2.6


I am unable to suspend to disk, my linux laptop. Its running SuSE9.2 with kernel 2.6.8-14 (something like this) which is the latest from suse. I have tried everything but cant get it to work.
I would like to know if this is really supported by NVidia driver. If yes then I can send all the log / config info to the list.

FYI, I have a sonly grt100 series which has nvdia gforce 420 go card.

Every time I try to suspend it says...

Not supported by device [pci device id]. I know that its the nvidia card as I have matched it in lspci -v ouptput, against nvidia vga card pcid.

If someone can point in right direction it would be great as it has been really long since I have been beating my head agains it.

Also I have tried it with the latest nvidia driver release.

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