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Default Re: Patch for 1.0-7174 and linux-2.6.12-rc1-mm3 or higher mm kernels

Originally Posted by PrakashP
So you require the kernel to be patched to export 2 functions as non-GPL?
it exports 4 symbols to modules UNDER ANY KIND OF LICENSE and not ONLY TO GPL LICENSED modules [ "NVIDIA" != "GPL" ].

this has noting todo with the license of the exported functions.

Originally Posted by PrakashP
This is bad, as what will users with precompiled kernels do (in future)?
i donīt remember any distro used mm kernels precompiled in the past ...
OTOH who the hell used precompiled kernels anyway ? [ overload of unused modules, very low cpu optimizations ... ]
Read the entire post please this is only for mm kernels

at the point the API-change land in vanilla i think there will be an official patch for this issue from zander or an kernel interface for non GPL'ed modules or maybe an official document boundled with the kernel or udev sources which schows other ways of dealing with udev's device creation [ well i realy hope so or we culd thow away the nice udev device creation for non GPL drivers ]
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