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Default Re: TV-input support

out of curiosity (sp?), if windows can access the video in portion of the card, with ease, why then, can linux not access it?
Or am I just not reading this explanation clearly?

I've studied my installation(s) quite extensively, after getting SP2, and my 5700 personal cinema not working (though it works if you already have SP2 integrated in your installation of windows... kinda funny.), and I see two drivers being installed as well... one for the graphics card itself, and one for the video in (WDM is it?).
Why then can't someone take the WDM driver and port it over to linux? This all seems like a load of cr*p to me, because I dont care who makes the tv chipset, you have your name on it. The only reason I'm using windows is because my pc is also my tv, and I bought this card as an upgrade to an older tv card and a separate graphics card for the sole purpose of being able to switch completely to linux.
Seriously, it would take a skilled coder less than a week to make a whole bunch of NVIDIA customers extremely happy, and then I wouldn't even think of boycotting NVIDIA in the future.
I know there is so called "impossible" tasks in computing science. They usually are those NP-problems or due to some missing hardware or design flaw. I am sure this is not a NP-problem, so the two other choices are in question.
The "impossibles" in computing are corporations not wanting to tackle the issues.
All it would take is for NVIDIA to get a tv in driver for linux, and they would have a monopoly over the linux video card industry... seems like a good thing, all they have to do is think about it.

BTW Chovy, saw your website blog about the personal cinema card... ^read up there... that seems to be the problem in windows.
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