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Default Re: Nvidia 7XXX linux drivers and OpenGL applications

I went back to the old drivers and experienced the same crash issue, especially with Doom 3, which crashes every single time once the you begin to actually enter the game... after choosing your dificulty and it loads all the resources.

That lead me to believe that perhaps it was sound related, because while the screen is still blank, the sound starts and stutters, and then the computer crashes. This happens sometimes with other OpenGL games too.

I changed from ALSA drivers to OSS drivers, and Doom 3 didn't recognize the audio output and disabled the sound, and then the game loaded and ran fine... just without the sound. So, it would appear that at least on my system, there's some conflict between ALSA drivers (or perhaps when a program tries to use ALSA's OSS compatability drivers?) and OpenGL that causes the whole system to crash.
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