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Default Re: Everquest 2 high end system verses WoW high end system..

And chris, the game is definatly NOT optimized. This can easily be seen by comparing the performance of a Radeon 9800 Vrs a Geforce 6800 Ultra. The ultra should be about 100% faster. In reality it's lucky to be 30% faster. This does not add up.
Thats because the game is not completely GPU limited. It is exceedingly CPU limited in many cases. On either a 6800GT SLI setup. X800 XT, 6800 Ultra or any setup. You cant expect the game thats bottlenecked by the CPU to exhibit massive performance increases by just adding a new GPU.

. Im do find it insulting though that it dosent run EQ2 as well as I think it should. It's like slap in the face. It's made me very bitter towards EQ2.
This alone makes me see that you expected to run this game well on modern hardware at near to max settings. Your expectations were too high for this game. A MMORPG is not the same as Doom 3, Far Cry, or Half Life 2. It's completely dynamic and requires almost twice the power to run the game becaus it always changes.

If you had studied up on previous SOE MMORPGs you would see this is absolutely completely in line with they have done in the past. EQ 1, Shadows of Luclin, Star Wars Galaxy, All were not running at full speed on modern hardware at the time. IMO you should have expected this. Sony themselves said the game could not be anywhere close to max details on current hardware. And this is exactly the reality of the situation. In my opinion its your own fault for expecting too much out of the game.

MMORPG trends have always been this way. I could run most games great back when Luclin was released on a Geforce 2 Ti and an Athlon @ 1 Ghz with 640 megs of memory. Luclin didnt look much better than games out at the time. It actually in many cases looked worse. I had to notch down settings and reduce texture loads to get it to acceptably run. It took till I got an athlon XP 2500+ With 1 Gig of memory and an FX 5900 till I could finally play the game at settings "I would have liked". It's just the way MMORPGs are. World of Warcraft is one of those exceptions. But thats because it was designed for extremely low end systems in mind.
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