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Default Re: Doom3 and linux, why doesn't this work?

Originally Posted by Thoreau
As posted above. Remove the Mesa GL drivers. They overwrite the Nvidia's. You don't need them.
Yes I do, because I have to restart X11-Windows back and forth between "nv" and "nvidia" drivers due to the fact "nvidia" driver doesn't allow to use rivatv and Video-In feature of the card. So when I need 3D, I have "nvidia" driver in use, and when I need Video-In and not especially good 3D performance, I have "nv" driver in use. Lately I've been using "nvidia" driver only with games and "nv" driver otherwise, because Video-in feature is important for me.

Or does the nVidia libGL libraries work with "nv" driver as well?

I think I cannot remove the Mesa libGLs, but some kind of soft linking script would easily switch between "nv" and "nvidia" configuration. Or then keep Mesa rpm available in /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/ and use "rpm -e --nodeps" and "rpm -i" to switch between them.

Have I meantioned, it sucks not to be able to use video in grabber with nvidia-driver?!
It is though easier and quicker to restart X11 than to reboot machine between MS-Windows and Linux.
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