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Default Re: Everquest 2 high end system verses WoW high end system..

What... EQ2 unstable? I think it depends on the person. I had some issues but it was due to my old PC, once I upgraded to 939 and a new motherboard I have yet to crash with EQ2. My friend never crashed at all on a P4 1.5 w/ G4 Ti4800.

Hell, Server stability on EQ2 is superior to WoW in every way possible. I think since launch we have had one extended period of downtime... how many has wow had?

EQ2s world is VERY livily, unlike WoWs who stand in a single spot most of the time. NPCs wander from zone to zone, actually interact with eachother and take notice of you aswell even if the NPC is just for detail and not for quests...

Many zones were locked but due to requiring players to earn the right to enter them... I guess this also is dependent on the person playing, I never felt limited.

2 months of a MMORPG is ****, especially if you grinded half the time (like you sound like you did). WoW you can get 40 in less then a month... its pathetic no sense of accomplishment, I read that someone got 40+ in the first two weeks...
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