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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by UDawg
I am completely bored with WOW. I log on kill a few things then go to bed. I need Battlefield 2 go come out now. You don't have to pay month to month for a vastly superior game.
LOL, I'm getting the same way with it now. I've been stuck at level 54 for over a week now with rest XP past level 56. I could probably grind it out for a week and hit 60 but honestly I'm not sure how motivated I am. Each new area I come to presents the same situation - get quests, do quests, go to Instance, grind instance until equipment is upgraded, repeat. I'm getting tired of all the quests being the same (gather x number of things or kill x number of mobs) and I'm really not too sure how much longer I'll be playing. Ah, we'll see.
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