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Default Green dotted lines with FX series cards?

I have with just about every FX card had green (sometimes pink and other colors) dotted lines on my screen at various locations, times, and severities. Tried switching cards, monitor, and a running a memory test. This error only occurs when I use the DVI port and NVIDIA drivers (using DVI with VESA drivers show no green dots, same results for using VGA chord).

I have an ASUS P4B533 (4X agp) with 1 gigabyte of memory. ATI Radeon series works fine with it, but I need NVIDIA for better Linux support. I also don't overclock anything.

Any ideas? Could memory still be at fault even if it passed diagnostic tests? I'm stumped...

Windows XP Service pack 2
xorg 11R6.8.2-2 (linux)
nvidia 1.0.7174-1 (linux)

The problem is also significantly more present in Linux.


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