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Why don't you use 2 screen configurations in X? This way you *won't* be able to move windows from one screen to another but can play on one screen and watch tv on another because aplications that run on one screen are independent and will exist only on that one, the one thing bad is that you need a window manager that supports it (Openbox luckly does) but gnome 2 and icewm don't which is very disappointing... The other problem is that when you boot your computer with both screens plugged in the X server will go mad and when it starts one time it'll be ok but if you close X and open it again it will switch screens and if you are like me and have different monitors prepare yourself for a wierd output but closing X and opening it again will do the trick ...
For this you'll need to setup 2 drivers, 2 monitors and 2 layouts then join them in the server section it's very easy and very well explained in the nvidia's readme
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