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Default Re: 1.0-7174 freezes whole system after 30 seconds running any tv capture program

Same problem here.
Some seconds after I launch xawtv X freezes. I can still see the TV image running on the screen, but keyboard and mouse stop responding.

I've tried switching to the "nv" driver and everything worked OK. Same files, just changed in the XF86Config-4:

- commented the line: load "glx"
- changed the line: Driver "Nvidia" to Driver "nv"

and the freeze did no appear. It seems to be related to the NVidia driver.

Kernel (freezes with earlier versions too)
Nvidia driver 7167 (freezes with earlier versions too)
Graphics card: Nvidia GEForce2 MX-400
MotherBoard: Asus A7V
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