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lol i dont want to dig up an old thread, but isnt it good to reminisce on old times ?

Its been a year and a few days since this thread was started when jackup got his hot of the press 6800 ultra, then i followed a few hours later in australia with mine, lol dont ask me how an aussie gets his on the same say its released in the U.S

Anyway im still using the same card after 1 year, and i must say its still a beast, its probably held its value more than any pc part in history, and after 1 year its still going strong.

ahh i was so excited on that day, i'd ring the shop every few hours to put the pressure on them. I still think it was the best nvidia release, and the current cards being released just dont have the new wow factor that the 6800u had on its release day. A mish mash of mixing fans and changing bus slots has occured since then, but nothing really new. cant wait to see the next gen nvidia cards, its gonna be like christmas all over
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