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Arrow 3mood - Doom 3 tuning tool for NVIDIA GPUs - New Release

3mood v1.3.7b - Doom 3 tuning util for G80/G70/NV40/NV30 Series GPU's (300KB)

More pics ....

Updated 1/27/07 - 3mood 1.5.0 release is out

Download 3mood v1.5.0 - Doom 3 tuning tool for NVIDIA G80, G70, NV40 and NV30 GPU-based graphics cards (446KB)

1.5.0 release notes

- Added support for GeForce 8 series graphics cards and features
e.g. Centroid texture sampling for improving MSAA / CSAA quality

- Added support for GeForce 7950 GX2 graphics card

- Added new texture sampling settings
e.g. Improves texture filtering and details

- Improved bump mapping
e.g. Better and faster sampling functions

- Added -ignore program parameter
e.g. Ignore gpu, cpu and driver detect functions.

Have fun!

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