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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

I canceled my account. I cashed in all my weapons, armor and trinkets and got 60g for the lot. I then gave it to a guy who helped me out a lot in the game. I am just bored with this game and have moved on. It was great while it lasted but I got my mony worth out of it...I think. Any way bring on BF2

Oh one funny story while doing Saving Sharpbeak. Our group was up near the amphitheater but then we ran down to pick up a priest that wanted to join. So we did that and ran across another group coming. We leap frogged each other back up the until we got the point where we just cleared out a section. We all then went to the 53 elite witch. Our group had been working up there first so I shot the witch and started killing her. Well they were hitting her also but my group was slow reacting.

After we killed her they figured out taht they had not tagged her. They I got flamed to no end. I said we were up here first but ran down to get some one and you went through a big section we cleared to get here. They said we would not have made it if it wasn't for them. Of course I said again taht they benifitted from us also. I asked if wanted help when she pops. No I got flamed further and the main guy was trying to get me banned from the server. My group being a bunch of losers didn't know what was going on. So then they pulled the typical "what are you 14, does your mom know your playing". I replied "if I am 14 then why are you losing an argument to a 14 year old?"

Anyway we whent into the cave to get the egg and the pally in that group aggroed the who friggin cave. I said you did that on purpose you prick. I got a FU in reply. Well we lost our peist but killed the rest with the help of another group who got in on the action and was yelling at the group that is pissed at me.

Basically all they needed to do was go in first and get the egg then come back out and get the witch when she pops. Why is that so hard? Well they felt they were first and always first like most of the twits think. Yet I am the rude person for getting the witch "first" big friggin deal I would be just fine if I had to wait. It made no difference to me. The sad part is they made a big deal out of it. Needless to say I never heard from a amin for "Stealing the witch" LOL! The guy then said "welcome to my ignore list" My reply was "who are you agin?" Never saw that person in the game before and didn't really care. Totally bizzar.
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