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Originally posted by Richard999
Why is it that people keep thinking that GPLing the drivers is the answer? What on earth makes you think the open source community is any more capable than software engineers that have direct access to the resources NVIDIA's programmers have?
Excuse me? I never said releasing hte source code would necessarily solve any prombles with the drivers themselves. All releasing the source means is that users have the OPTION of fixing it themselves if they want to try rather than being completely dependant on nVidia for binary releases.

Also, the idea is that nVidia would be the main contributers to the driver source. I NEVER said open souce developers could do better than nVidia engineers. Geez.

Explain to me why most hardware with GPL drivers is poorly supported. Don't get me wrong, I'm not unappreciative of the efforts of the guys that do this stuff for free.
Again, excuse me? The Linux kernel is full of GPL drivers that are very well supported. As an example of vendor supported GPL drivers, take a look at Intel's e100/e1000 (not eepro100) drivers. Well, I dunno if the Intel drivers are actually GPL, but the source is there. Or IBM's ips (ServeRAID) drivers. I've used both and they work quite well. nVidia could easily be among this list.


It's just that its totally unrealistic to think that if and when NVIDIA opened the source all the problems would magically disappear.
Magically? No, it would take work. It would take coordination from nVidia.

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