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Default Re: Trying to make headway into finding the Xid crashes source...

I just put an XFX 6600GT in my AthlonMP box (Tyan Thunder K7). Its "locking" or "crashing" too. In reality its not really a crash at all, at some undetermined point X just seems to come unglued at goes 99% busy on a single proc (thanks to the dual procs it doesn't choke the system) and just chews away forever. If you attempt to kill the process it reattaches to 1 as a zombee and keeps chewing up CPU. You can't strace it because its all happening in userland.

I order to get around this problems I upgraded to the latest Xorg release (6.8.2), tried running a 2.4.30 kernel instead of 2.6.x, disabled VGA on the console completely, downgraded from NV driver 7174 to 6629, nothings worked. Sometimes it takes a dump after seconds, sometimes after hours, you can't tell. Generally it happens when you load images, such as in a browser. All you can do is log into the box from another system and reboot the box, you can't get X shutdown no matter what you try.

I haven't tried a driver older than 6629 yet but I probly should. I did disable Composite completely since some folks have suggested that caused problems but thats not helping either. When the card manages to stay up while I use 3D it works great, I've played Q3A and some mods, and play nicely at 1600x1200 and pretty smooth too, but X randomly freaking out on your just isn't practical. In the meantime I've reverted to the Xorg "nv" driver and I'm not having problems at all.
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