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Default Re: Trying to make headway into finding the Xid crashes source...

Several people have reported various different ways to eliminate the "active mouse pointer freeze," but so far no one has determined exactly what is causing the issue. I personally have experienced it with 6629 through 7174; others claim that 6629 is fine while only the 7xxx drivers are problematic.

Anyways, the various things that you can toggle to try to eliminate the problem include:
  • Composite (this is problematic anyways, and should be disabled).
  • RenderAccel (I don't notice much of a difference whether it's enabled or not).
  • GW-Write Mask AGP Request (or something along those lines, if it's not missing entirely) in the System BIOS configuration. Enabling it seems to reduce AGP bandwidth somewhat.
  • APIC. I don't recommend disabling this, personally: most modern mobos (even uniprocessor) support IO-APIC, a drastically superior way of providing and assigning IRQs. If your board does support IO-APIC, then disabling APIC support entirely probably impacts performance in a negative way.

Also, overclocking might be a factor as well, but AFAIK no one has mentioned it.
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