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Default Re: Trying to make headway into finding the Xid crashes source...

Originally Posted by gilboa
Hello all,

As I have no access to nVidia's ioctls documentation, I can't really do anything with the trace. Hopefully someone at nVidia (Zander?) will be able to use it.

A brand new copy of Doom3 is waiting on my shelf for nVidia to fix this bug.

Help? Zander? Anyone?

(Oh... don't forget to bunzip2 the logs before viewing them... duh!)
This is quite an effort. Thanks giboa! My guess is similar as yours but I don't
trace it in such details. Sometimes different hardwares make problems hidden
in the driver/library pair. I mean a buggy driver can occasionally have the
AP waiting/checking forever(whatever busy-wait or not) , not necessarilly
having kernel oops. I've found this on some linux open source drivers.

Anyway, hope nvidia can make an emphasis on debugging this. If they do and
finally erase this bug, they should thank you. (Because apparently, it seems
no one in Nvidia tries to insert flags line by line and some printks to hunt this
down. ie. The same as I hunted the "occasional" bugs on the open source driver.
The best debugging tool is developing by oneself according to what the bug look like.
Common debugging tools won't help much in these hard cases).
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