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Default Re: Doom 3 quality mod (3rd party) for NV4x and NV3x

The problem is, the lights are too bright!
with all the light you can see the terrible aliasing that's in the D3 engine.
Would you mind showing a picture of a zombie or something, big chance the horrible cone head (whoever thought of giving the heads of characters 5 polys should be fired) will be even more evident.

I can see an "improvement" in picture four, but that is ONLY because of the bump mapping, the light is brighter on the pos. edge so the feeling of a bump is more evident.

And picture five shows light on objects that shouldn't really be there.. you see the big TL light hanging from the ceiling and it brightens the texture on an object above it.

Converting most operations to fp16 should give it a decent speedbump to counter the (possible) extra calculations... but whatever.. d3 is so dead..
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