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Default Re: Trying to make headway into finding the Xid crashes source...

Originally Posted by gilboa
I agree with the first part... the second is more problematic.
If you check my glgears, you'll see that the GL indeed yields the CPU between polls. However, because I ran the software as user, it had no access to SCHED_FIFO or SCHED_RR (both require root priv'); however, it may not matter; even with SCHED_NORMAL, as long as you don't have one OpenGL application, you should be able to poll the device periodically without a problem.
What I mean is not your glgears but X. I run programs using Xvideo extension, which
is 'Video Blitter' actually(a false 2D function, actually 3D to imitate 2D, thus using 3D
functions of the hardware, instead of real XV). OpenGL does not go through X but
may need some cooperation with X. When I run my programs, after
a long time, most computers freeze with X eating 100% cpu usage. But few computers
freeze within 2 hours. They have all kinds of motherboards/chipsets.
This problem really drives us nuts. I just had to write a small program to
monitor X and resstart X automatically when sh*t happens.
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