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Default Re: New demo: FBOs

Originally Posted by Subtestube
Mmm, I'm aware that MRTs are different, but my understanding was that one of the purposes of FBOs was to create a more tightly unified method of using MRTs and Offscreen render targs - or is that not the case?
I dunno about multiple frame buffers active at the same time, I have to read the specs a bit more and get back to you.

Hi there!

I am using the linux-driver 7174, but I cannot find EXT_FRAMEBUFFER :-(
Or is it just implemented on a limited set of hardware?

lg Clemens
It's ok, even the official drivers released a couple of days ago have no support for the Frame Buffer extension. It will take sometime before a public release officially supports them. The bit of good news is, this extension is likely to be available on a large selection of hardware ( read all the way back to the Geforce 256).
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