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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Eh, re-activated my account. Ironically I had one of the best pickup group experiences ever, heading through Sunken Temple again. I picked up an AWESOME polearm (46.6dps, 135 fire damage proc) and am almost half way to 56 now. I ran a group through Gnomeregan after that who really sucked ass and wiped TWICE. Anyway it was neat and I'm hoping for another good ST run tonight.
Man just have the lowbies sit back while you take the mobs out. You just need a heal once in a while. When I would ecorte I would ask for pots and have them sit back. LOL yes I am doing it for them but man the drop they get because I don't take drops, they love that. I took lowbies through BFD all the time. It's funny how their eyes get wide when I say just sit back and protect each other. They have no idea what a 53 warrior can do to lowie mos. LOL
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