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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Oh no it wasn't MY fault. The dumbasses aggro'd like 15 guys on us twice, and I can only handle so much. They wiped almost instantly and I died after taking about 10 of them with me. Both times.

Yeah it is kinda fun showing off to lowbies.
Oh I knew exactly what happened when you said this. I was only saying that I am very vocal about having them be behind me at all times. I am sure you said this but they didn't listen. LOL! Wicks ya off eh. I will say I don't mind getting wiped out any more. It is part of the game. The thing I hate are lowbies who do not understand the aggro radius is much higher for them that it is for me. I as a lvl 53 have to stand on top of any lvl 20 to aggro while a lvl 5 can be quite a ways away as you know but they seem to think "well I am with a higher lvl so I will fight right along side them. Pfft NO! stand back and let me do it. LOL!

I will say I am seriously thinkg about activating my account again. I am bored to tears with no game to play. The problem is I am buck neked. I sold EVERY THING I had and gave it to a buddy when I left. So, if I do start up I am at IF. I will have to go out and beat animals with my fists and slowly get armor and weapons. Actually it might be fun. When I start up I will be in nothing but my loin cloth. LOL! A 53 warrior running around with nothing on grinding to get armor and weapons. BAHAHAAHAH!! I just might do it.
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