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Arrow Re: Two Geforce 5200 cards in one system

If you have the same problem as I have, set your BIOS option to initialize PCI graphics instead of AGP graphics.

My five ASUS and two Shuttle nForce2 boards need to initialize PCI in BIOS when I have an AGP card and PCI card installed. If the BIOS is set to initialize AGP, then by the time the system gets through the Windows boot, my display screens have all turned dark. To cure this I have to reboot windows in F8 > VGA mode to reinstall video drivers.

If the BIOS is set to initialize PCI video, then I can set any card to be the primary display after Windows is running, and only one poorly-coded program has ever thought that the PCI was my best video card available.

It sounds like you crash harder than jsut a blank screen, but you may want to try the BIOS option anyway.
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