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Default Re: Trying to make headway into finding the Xid crashes source...

What I noticed is that a simple application (400fps+) will crash _immediately_ within 2 minutes every time. However perhaps not glxgears for some odd reason.

KDE GL screensavers, gl-117 or a spinning cube demo will all crash the system more reliably than playing a high end game/demo.

I ran a complicated demo using pixel/vertex shaders all night (26fps) at a huge res, no problem. I run gl-117 .. no textures, but 500fps - crash immedately. If I turn on forced 16 anti-alising I can't get it to crash!

Lower fps = survive longer. I tried my 6600GT in a friends comp, it ran doom 3 and crashed after 15 minutes. I ran a KDE GL screensaver and it crashed within 3 seconds.

This could be the reason not using AGP is more stable, since it's simply slower.. and nothing bad seems to happen if you force it to be slower. Q3A is the same thing - it has max fps at 90 - therefore it doesn't freeze. These crashes happen really fast when you're pushing the card at a simple task.
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