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Smile question on TFT and linux driver.

Well I just got a Toshiba 2415 S205 notebook and linux runs great on it. I also insalled latest nvidia drivers for the "Nvidia gforce 4, 420 Go" thats in it. Previously I was running the vesa driver and things went well. I just wanted my extra 3d support if you know what i mean. Any way the problem:

After installing the nvidia drivers. Every thing went well and my opengl stuff works great but even though I have x configured correctly I't cuts out all my screen resolutions higher than 800x600. With the vesa driver I could go up to 1600x1200 in 32 bit.
Also I get a 2 cm empty black space on the right side of my display that never gets used ( in windows managers and fullscreen opengl ect. )
So the question comes has any one else had this problem? Should I write a report to nvidia. If you would like to see my XF86Config I have attached it. I had of course no problems with the vesa driver the display was on the ful screen ect.

Thanks for being there guys. Your advice is very helpful.

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