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Default Re: DFP and TV: I want DFP to be the primary display!

Well, perhaps all is not doom and gloom on the XVideo front. I broadened my horizons and tried out xine. Turns out that while mplayer XVideo fullscreen does insist on using the right screen in this setup, xine XVideo fullscreen uses the left screen. It's not yet apparent to me what's different with the nvidia drivers that causes mplayer the confusion that I did not experience with fglrx drivers on a Radeon "big desktop" setup.

So, with XVideo rendered to a window, both mplayer and xine will display on either screen. You can even drag the window back and forth and it works fine. xine XVideo fullscreen displays on the left screen (where I want it), but mplayer displays on the right. I have yet to locate any pertinent mplayer configuration options to adjust this.

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