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Default Re: New Demo: Stained Shadow Maps

Hmm, it didn't run for me. It said, loading demo, please wait and it sat there for a long while. It finally quit with a runtime error. The log said this:

<+>Registering data path -> Data/XML/
<+>Registering data path -> Data/Textures/
<+>Creating GL Window
<+>->width: 800, height: 600
<+>->XLocation: 240, YLocation: 212
<+>->Depth bits: 24, Alpha bits: 0
<+>->Color bits: 32, Stencil bits: 0
<+>Loaded Texture2D file at -> GUIElements.png
<!>Shader Program Info Log:
Fragment info
(78) : fatal error C9999: *** exception during compilation ***

<!>Error while linking shaders <Data/XML/Phong.xml VERTEX SHADER>and <Data/XML/Phong.xml FRAGMENT SHADER>
<+>Successfully linked the shaders -> Data/XML/Distance.xml
<+>Loaded TextureCubeMap at ->Data/Textures/Stained/stainedNX.png
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