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Default Re: Trying to make headway into finding the Xid crashes source...

Originally Posted by mlaks
Well it goes to show:

Then I kill the top XFree process. Now I still cant access the keyboard or the mouse. I guess I must reboot system via ssh login.
Is there any other option I can use to get it working again other than reboot?

Any ideas?
Suppose you do not run X windows as default when you boot up your PC...
Have you tried start X from remote side after you kill X? (ie. ssh from another
machine and 'export DISPLAY=:0.0' and then 'rmmod nvidia' and then
'modprobe nvidia' and then 'startx')

Or maybe you can try 'SysRq' ..(Need some kernel settings when you compile
the linux kernel source)..This offers several sorts of hot keys to kill processes
or reboot or shutdown....

Or write a program to monitor the cpu utilization of X and once it detects some
thing happened, it can try to kill X and restart X automactically.
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