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Default Re: Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

Originally Posted by Mehbody
After fixing the problem in the other thread, this card, paired with this lame motherboard, only manages to pull -
- 1100 more 3dmarks (2001)
- 5 more FPS on average, in most gaming timedemo and gameplay. Games later then Halo are the exception, with Halo/HL2/SW:RC running about 2fps faster and with Doom 3 running about 4fps faster.

I really need to buy a new motherboard and mobile Athlon.. why oh why did I get a PS2 and games for my birthday.. should have got the new motherboard/athlon/memory instead. And saved about $100, too.. think EBgames would pay me back a good price for all of it?
Is your GART driver succesfully installed? without it your AGP bus drops down to PCI speed (133MB/s) instead of AGP4x/8x (533MB/s / 1066MB/s) and can cause some major slowdown.. not only that.. (reduced bandwidth).. your CPU is also stressed more because the AGP transfers not taking place anymore. (cpu has to transfer this data)

my card (GF6800GT) performs like crap when there is no GART driver installed. 7000 3DMark03 without it.. and 12000+ with it.. (quite the difference)
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