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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

You are saying that rogues wont be able to stun lock us to death?

Further more from what I see this patch is just cosmetic. Nothing for warriors at all.

I have had pallys and priest just dumping me the last two days. They all want to duel me and then say I suck. Not one of them have the balls to roll a warrior. Oh but when they wanted to go to ST they wanted me to tank and taunt. So I went then I let teh priest die 3 times. He was pissed. I said keep your punk arss comments about the warrior to your self or at least roll one inseat of picking the most powerfull caster and then act as if you have better playing skills.

Sorry but this is my final opinion. Blizzard has Fekked the warrior. We are for questing only. For PVP or anything else we are just caster and stun lock fodder. There isn't anything ya'll can say to change my mind. I am close to 60 now and know my warrior inside and out. I want him to be competitive with the others in PVP. The problem I see is if we have more abilities then the wuss casters will say we are too powerfull. Well look at the shaman. Me a 55 warrior a 60 warrior and a 60 hunter took for ever to take one 60 shaman down. We gave him everything we had and don't say we don't know how to play. We are all very good. Those bastards get stroked by Blizzard so much it aint funny.
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