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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

I understand your position and yes a warrior that is hiding in a group that is PVPing is not to be messed with.

We need more dps. I do not buy the bull that rogues need more dps because they need to get in and out. BULL! they are not warriors and warriors traditionally have had the most strength but in this game ur dps goes up higher with agil. Then what good is strength? Most drops are strn/stam not agil/strn. That is bull. This totally aids the rogue.

Face it, since the betas where the warriors were to powerfull they really nerfed us and stroke pallys and shamen.

I still love my warrior but it is just BS. The only thing we got in this little patch was more pretty thuderclap? WTF is that!? Oh and piercing howl doesn't do squat. It is like slam...useless.
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