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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by UDawg
Yet a rogue can wipe out a warrior who is 6 lvls above them on a routine basis. It is very hard for a warrior to beat a rogue. That damn stun lock just pisses me off and that is their advantage, stun lock and stealth. We should have more melee especially since Blizzard said we are the top melee class but that is bs, we are not. The more strength you have the more dps you should have. This is not hard to figure out.
I always give a rogue a hell of a fight, they stun and stun but the second they dodge a attack they lose a huge slice of their health. The rogues I love dueling most are those who try to go toe to toe with a warrior. Ninja is right, warriors are very well balanced the way they are, perhaps just a fix on bloodthirst after the massive nerf and we are all set.

Made myself:
And looted:

Extremely good day for my warrior today, 5 man group in Strat to get the corruption plans and the insignia of the blackguard. A few mobs into the gauntlet and one drops the shield, I was the only warrior and more importantly the only shield user in the group so everyone passed and it was mine.

Apparently the shield has a new look after the patch because it currently looks terrible.
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