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Default Re: New Demo: Stained Shadow Maps

Sorry I was away rewritting the Mesh loading routines and making it a little more robust.
Let's see what do we have here:

Won´t run here with 76.41.. missing file msvcr71.dll

Hmmm some people report stuff like that in the past, try google searching the file. If you don't get it, let me know, I'll upload it somewhere on my host server.

Where are people supposed to be able to download these drivers for Nvidia that allow this demo to work?

Go to the forceware forum, here's a link
I personally recommend the 76.44 set of driver as I find it very stable.

Note to Abba: as it was already mentioned. When I have in my settings Anisotropic filtering selected to app-contolled then your demo doesn run correctly.. maybe you should place a note about it ( or of course fix it )
Hmm I'm gonna have to take this question over to Nvidia engineers and see what they think about the issure.

..but still great work ..i didn't expect to run it on 5200 but it surprised me
Yeah the 5200-5950 path was the easiest to implement, I'll be tweaking it a bit further but don't expect any outrageously high FPS boost

Rolf, this is what happens when you dowload all to the same directory

Ba ha ha ha, that is funny :P

Hmm... Im the first ATI user to try this demo and the results are a little disappointing. My X800XT managed to muster 4FPS! Abba, do you know why the performance is so low on this card? Does ATI even support GL_Framebuffer_ext? ATI cards traditionally have slower OpenGL speed than nVidia, but this awful.

Get the latest catalyst and you should be performing well above that. People using the X800 in conjunction with the 5.4 drivers reported frame rates easily exceeding the 100 FPS.

I'm still heavily rewritting parts of my engine (to reenable benchmarking and some other stuff). I'll be reuploading a new version soon that should perfrom a bit better accross all machines
Stay tunned
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