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Default Re: Doom 3 quality mod (3rd party) for NV4x and NV3x

Look nice, BUT..

I host RoE in dedicated server (AMD Athlon 2400+). When I joined and game starts I got little windows what loads much things. And after that I got error message. Sure, I can start with listening mode with this mod by my 6800GT computer, but maybe this same happend to clients, too.

Did you say there this works with RoE? I mean in multiplayer and spcially in (dedicated) server? Do I have to mod dedicated server too? Right guess, it do not have good graphic card - only TNT2 16 MB. ;-)

Here is the doomserv.cfg what I run:

seta si_name "SERVER NAME" //server name
seta si_usepass "0" //0=no password, 1=password
seta g_password "***********" //server password
seta net_serverRemoteConsolePassword "********" //rcon pass
seta net_lanserver "0" //0=Internet, 1=LAN
seta si_gametype "CTF" //deathmatch, tourney, team dm, last man
seta si_teamdamage "0" //0=no team damage, 1=team damage
seta si_fraglimit "10" //integer
seta si_timelimit "15" //integer (minutes)
seta si_maxplayers "8" //integer
seta si_warmup "0" //0=no warmup, 1=warmup
seta si_spectators "1" //0=no spectators, 1=spectators allowed
seta net_serverdedicated "1" //0=not dedicated, 1=dedicated
seta net_serverreloadengine "0" //0=no engine reload, 1=engine reload
seta net_serverallowservermod "0" //0=no server mods, 1=mods allowed
//seta g_mapcycle "mapsroe" //filename
//seta si_map "game/mp/d3ctf3" // d3ctf1-4
seta si_pure "1" //0=not pure, 1=pure
seta logFile "0" //logfile on-off
seta logFileName "doomserverlog.log"
//seta net_serverClientTimeout "40"
seta net_serverZombieTimeout "5"
seta net_serverMaxClientRate "6000" //max client rate
//seta net_serverSnapshotDelay "50"
//seta g_countDown "6" //warmup time ? UNTESTED
seta g_balanceTDM "1"
seta g_spectatorChat "1" //on-off spectator chat
//omat arvaukset start
//seta g_changemap "0"
//seta si_changemap "0"
//seta cycle_gametypes "0"
//omat arvaukset end


It is not no more pure server. This line help:
seta si_pure "0" //0=not pure, 1=pure

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