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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

I was in a pick-up group at ZF and there was a 57 pally in there who wanted very badly to duel me while we were waiting to go in. I asked him why he wanted to duel a 55 warrior when he can beat 60 warriors even at lvl 52? He said it's fun cuz warriors don't have any skills. I said have you ever rolled a warrior. Of course no was the answer. I said when you pick the easiest class to duel and PVP with it is easy to act as if it is all you and not the fact your charater is way to powerfull.

Any way we in there fighting out way through and he said he was lead tank because he was the highest lvl. I said we are both above this lvl so it would be better for me to tank since I can hold aggro but go ahead if ya need to. Of course he got our priest killed 3 times because he can't hold aggro and was over pulling. Further more he would start fighting and not pull them back. I was running all around trying to keep the mob together and off our casters. I finally said you don't know what you are doing. He said shut up lowbie. Que? LOL! well we did get into a area where the lower lvls aggroed a patrol which inturn aggroed some casters and wiped us out. I was the last one dead and I still took out 2. He was pissed I was last standing and I had more on me than him. LOL! I said I guess it comes down to skill after all eh?

We all got rezed and the group wanted me to tank and he said "but he is a lower lvl than me" The priest said "BY TWO LVLS! NOW GET OVER YOUR SELF!" LOL pretty funny. So I asked the rouge to scoute and sap and had the priest cage and it all went very smoothly and much quicker.

We got to the alt boss where I wanted the plate shoulders and so did the Pally. I won the roll, he got pissed and left the group. LOL! I rarely win rolls btw. Though I did win a awesome 16 slot traveler's bag in ST which is rare also. So the group was pissed cuz we still had the Tiara and the dragon to kill for their quests. Needless to say, another big headed Pally cries and runs away even though he is the belived by Blizzard. I hate pallies. The only Pallies I like are ones who have rolled a warrior and know the rolls and how hard it is.
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