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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by vampireuk
Actually Ninja we got nerfed to hell with the latest patch, sweeping strikes, cleave and flurry have all been nerfed.
How so? Sweeping strikes seems to be working just fine...don't have flurry though, and I never use cleave since it's basically worthless.
Originally Posted by UDawg
Yes What do you think to melee class means, we can use a kick arss 2h sword but still get out dps by a rogue? LOL Come on bro that doesn't make sense.
Yes, it makes a whole lot of sense. We have higher BURST damage than rogues, MUCH higher. But we don't have higher DPS than them. That DOES make sense because we are supposed to be either slow-hitting 2h-wielders or defense-oriented 1h/shield wielders.
Originally Posted by UDawg
As far as the loving in the patch before this one, we got a bone thrown to us. Big deal execute doesn't wipe rage on a miss. PFFT that was basically it. We got just a bit of rage in crease but no dps increase.
Uhm, rage generation? You now generate full rage on parries, dodges, and blocks, where you generated NONE before. I have more rage than I know what to do with now. My DPS nearly doubled as a result. I can kill faster and have less downtime while soloing and am much more effective as a tank due to more rage available for Sunder Armor.
Originally Posted by UDawg
Remember Pallies can use and wear what we can and they can heal them selves.
They also do less DPS than us and cannot hold aggro at all. They're a hybrid class and frankly quite pointless at endgame. Priests are better healers and warriors are better tanks.

Say what you want but what you are asking for is an "uber-class" with all strengths and no weaknesses.
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