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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Yes, it makes a whole lot of sense. We have higher BURST damage than rogues, MUCH higher. But we don't have higher DPS than them. That DOES make sense because we are supposed to be either slow-hitting 2h-wielders or defense-oriented 1h/shield wielders.
You would think 2h would do more damage than a rogue since it is supposed to be heavier and that leads to being slower. As far as dual wield goes which I use we have more strength than rogues so we should do more dps period but no on dual wield we are below them. Sorry a rogue that is not as strong as us should not give more dps. They have stun lock and stealth and that is where their talents should lie, not in dps. I don't buy that who "they need to get in an out quickly so they need dps" No they have stun and stealth. They should be able to out smart their enemy with their talents and beat them that way. Instead then can out smart us and then out dps us in any duel. It blows.

There is a reason why evey one says warriors sucks that are not warriors....cuz they do as far as duels and PVP.
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