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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by UDawg
You would think 2h would do more damage than a rogue since it is supposed to be heavier and that leads to being slower.
It does. 2h weapons have much higher damage per hit than 1h, especially daggers.
Originally Posted by UDawg
As far as dual wield goes which I use we have more strength than rogues so we should do more dps period but no on dual wield we are below them.
We are equal or higher than them unless they are combat specc'd. Many rogues (such as my own) are Subtlety specced and do not have the Dual Wield Specialization talent.
Originally Posted by UDawg
They have stun lock
nerfed to hell
Originally Posted by UDawg
and stealth and that is where their talents should lie, not in dps.
They have the option to sacrifice stealth and go Combat or sacrifice DPS and go Subtlety. It gives them flexibility just like Warriors can choose between defense or offense (though admittedly the only viable endgame build is 31/5/15 or 31/20/0).

You are making the mistake of thinking of a Rogue as a thief, when you should be thinking of them as an assassin.

I have not lost many duels, for the record, and that includes many fights against paladins and rogues. Warriors are fine.
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