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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

nerfed to hell
REALLY!? huh... well that does make me happy Explain more on this. This is one area I really hated about rogues.

I do have to say I totaly love my warrior and will not play any other class. There are just a couple areas where I would like a change.

BTW I don't duel much but I usually lose when I do unless it is a druid or hunter. Every time I've dueld a pally or rogue I have lost. I have only duel a priest twice and I won one. He claimed it was lag but he sure keep casting while I was pumeling him. I did lose big time to a mage cuz I could not get to him then again mages are dps kings but that doesn't bother me cuz they die easily if some one breaks wind.
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